Different Necklace Lengths and Styles


Necklaces have evolved from the simple adornments on the neck to the elaborate designs they take on today. Necklaces of today are of different styles and lengths which you can purchase with some having precious metals and gemstones. What is great about necklaces is that they can be worn by just anyone. You just need pay attention to the style and length to select the one that is most suitable for you.

Pendant necklaces is a type of necklace that people love to wear. There are pendants that can be removed. Pendants are sometimes included in the necklace and those that have none, you can easily purchase one for it. It is possible for some to put as many pendants that they want to achieve unique looks. You can click here for more info about necklace lengths.

Another necklace lengths is the station necklace which have large design elements like beads, pearl links or discs separated by short thin chain lengths. One example of a station necklace is the tin cup necklace.

Lariat necklaces are long and are open ended with no clasp. You can think of wearing a lariat necklace like a scarp where it can have a knotted or doubled styles. You can wear this type of necklace on different occasions with any type of outfit.

If you have a series of nesting beads of chains connected to a single chain, then you have a bib necklace. When one wears this kind of necklace it will rest against your chest in different lengths. The chain holding them together begins round the collarbone top and run around the back neck.

The choker is a short necklace of 14 to 17 inches and circles around the collarbone. Chokers can be made of pearls and these are the most popular. This length is very attractive, and make one look youthful.

Collar necklaces are short, hugging the neck’s middle part and worn with many strands. You should wear this against your skin. The most common are bead and pearl necklaces.

Matinee necklaces are long, measure between 20 and 25 inches, and are very sophisticated and sexy. You will have the look of refinement with this type of necklace and it should be worn with the right outfit.

Princes necklaces are the most popular length measuring 18 inches. This type of necklace when worn falls several inches below the collarbone and the most popular of these types of necklace is the pearl necklace.

Sautoir necklaces are very long necklaces, longer than 37 inches. Because of its length it bears the name the rope, and you can wind it around your neck twice or three times depending on how you want it to look.

Pearls can be used in different lengths of necklaces which you can wear according to the outfit your are wearing or the looks that you want to achieve. Check this video about necklace lengths: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXvikEr7DTc.